The Structure of University of Zakho
Onn 8th of July 2010, university of Zakho was established by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in KRG .In the academic year 2013/2014, the University of Zakho was constituted with 16 scientific sections and 6 schools in the Faculties of Science and Humanities and the presidency of the university. For the academic year 2014/2015 the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research issued a ministerial order to open the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Physical Education. They also opened the Department of Basic Education for teachers of primary and middle schools who have a diploma in order to develop the scientific level of the teachers. The program coordination was between the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the KRG Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government. The proposed structures of the University of Zakho for the school year 2014-2015 are as follows: 

1.Faculty of Science
The Faculty has highly efficient and well experienced teaching staff members providing the students with high quality courses using modern teaching and practical facilities to fulfill the market requirements with qualified graduates. The duration of the study in the Faculty of science is four academic years and the graduate will obtain B.Sc. Degree in Science. The Faculty is also offering postgraduate programs (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in various disciplines. The following is showing faculty's departments:

A. School of Natural Sciences
  • Department of Biology 
  • Department of Chemistry 
  • Department of Environmental Sciences 
B. School of Pure Sciences
  • Department of Physics 
  • Department of Computer Science 
  • Department of Mathematics 
2. Faculty of Humanities 
The faculty has active teaching staff members dedicated to teaching and research in different disciples in the field of humanities. For undergraduate studies, the faculty offers BA degree in the fields of Kurdish, Arabic, English, Turkish Languages as well as History, and Islamic Studies. Furthermore, the Faculty also awards MA and PhD degrees in various disciples. The following is showing faculty's departments: 
A. School of arts 
  • Department of History 
  • Department of Islamic Studies 
B. School of language 
  • Department of Kurdish Language 
  • Department of English Language 
  • Department of Arabic Language 
  • Department of Turkish Language 
3. College of Administration and Economics 
The college aimed to teach the basic knowledge and practical skills for modern commerce, banking and business economics. The College of Administration and Economics is very important for the modern era. It was opened to increase students’ knowledge in business and provide them with skills that will help them to deal with the complexities of the business world, both nationally and internationally. The following is showing college's departments: 
  • Department of Commerce and Banking 
  • Department of Business Economics 
4. College of Engineering 
The college has highly efficient and experienced teaching staff providing students with high quality programs and using modern teaching and practical facilities to fulfill the industry requirements. The following is showing college's departments: 
  • Department of Petroleum Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
5. Faculty of Education 
The goal of the faculty, like any other faculty, is to build an educated society to play a vital role in development of education sector. It enables the students to become professional and successful educational leaders. The students will receive their Bachelors Degree in a period of four years. After these four years the students will have opportunities for post-graduate studies in the Kurdistan region or abroad. The following is showing faculty's departments: 
  • Department of General Psychology
  • Department of Physical Education
  • School of Basic Education (Evening)

University of Zakho