About University of Zakho:

The University of Zakho is located in the city of Zakho. Zakho city is located in the Duhok governorate just a few kilometers away from the Iraqi- Turkish border. The establishment of the University of Zakho was a new vision and a long term strategy that coincided with our higher education reforming process which was undertaken by the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The University of Zakho interested in the development and provision of all the scientific requirements of each department in addition to the application of the scientific quality assurance. They are also taking into account creating opportunities for the graduates of the university and the labor market. The University of Zakho formed a program to help raise the scientific level according to international standards through the development of the program, the implementation of health instruction and to sustain the application of science and quality 

These are part of the policy of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the best example that is introduced of this, is the perpetuation of the programs to send hundreds of students and professors to universities outside the region and the developed countries to obtain advanced degrees (Masters and PHD) in various sciences and each according to their terms of reference to be the basis for the change and development of a scientific point in the Kurdistan region. A number of them have completed their studies and returned to the region. 
In 2013 - 2014, 17 of those that were given the chance to get their advanced degrees received their PhD degrees while 70 got their Master degrees and nearly 50 students were able to finish their postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD) in universities in Iraq, abroad and in the region of Kurdistan. 



Vision Statement 

Our Vision is University of Zakho to be an internationally known as a center of excellence in teaching, learning, research and highly contribute in community service.

Mission Statement 
Our mission is: 
  1. To achieve a quality teaching and an advanced scientific research which will improve the learning outcomes and training programs? 
  2. Protect the rights of the students. 
  3. Improve the status of the teaching staff. 
  4. Elevate the standards of teaching by implementing the teaching quality assurance program and continuing the academic development.